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Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome studies:

Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome are important risk factors for heart disease. Metabolic syndrome is a set of risk factors that includes: abdominal obesity, a decreased ability to process glucose (insulin resistance), dyslipidemia (unhealthy lipid levels), and hypertension. The root cause of most cases of metabolic syndrome can be traced back to poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. Clinical research involves investigations into the molecular, genetic and environmental causes of diabetic cardiovascular disease and metabolic syndrome. Also includes: diabetic cardiomyopathy and new therapies for diabetic cardiac and vascular disease.

Total number of Cardiovascular Studies: 6

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804200 JOHN HIRSHFELD Comparison of contrast mediums (dyes) in diabetic patients with renal impairment undergoing coronary angiography. Recruiting
810304 EMILE MOHLER Vascular Health Profile for Cardiovascular Disease Recruiting
808346 DANIEL RADER Complex Genomics Initiative: Genetics of Cardiovascular and Metabolic Phenotypes Recruiting
804727 MUREDACH REILLY Pilot Study of Metabolic Effects of Low-Dose Endotoxemia Recruiting
706771 MUREDACH REILLY Inflammation and the metabolic syndrome in humans Recruiting
703615 MUREDACH REILLY Penn Diabetes Heart Study Recruiting