The Human Immunology Core (HIC) serves as a central facility for the incorporation of the newest technologies into phase I/II clinical trials using validated immunology assays, while also offering expert scientific and technical consultation to investigators conducting translational research.

Our mission is to provide our users with tools and expertise allowing them to evaluate immune endpoints of immunotherapy, vaccine or transplantation trials, etc. Our services include:

  • Multiplex Immunological assays which allow the simultaneous characterization of multiple cytokines (or phosphoprotein or mRNA).
  • Flow cytometry based immunophenotyping and proliferation (CFSE) assays.
  • Cellular assays such as B and T cell ELISpot.
  • Primary lymphocyte isolation and sub-population enrichment.
  • Cryopreservation and banking of PBMCs and/or plasma from longitudinal studies for concurrent immunological analysis.
  • High throughput sequencing of human IgH and TCR rearrangements
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limited number of frozen cells are available and interested parties should contact James Riley


The Human Immunology Core facility has the following sample cut-off times for sensitive samples (including PBMC preparation, serum, plasma or tissue processing and cryopreservation and flow cytometry samples) that require fresh processing:

  1. Samples received before 1 PM on Monday - Thursday and before Noon on Fridays will be processed on the same day.
  2. Any samples received after 1PM on Monday - Thursday will be processed the following day.
  3. Any samples received after NOON on Friday will not be processed without permission from Dr. Nina Luning Prak (

If you have questions about whether or not your samples are require same-day or next-day processing or if your study requires processing outside of these cut-off times, please contact the lab at (; telephone: 215 573-5366) at least ONE WEEK in advance of the sample collection date to determine if special arrangements can be made.

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