(Formerly known as BioMedical Imaging Core)

Ultrastructural organization underlies nearly all cellular, molecular and biochemical processes in biological systems. The Electron Microscopy Resource Laboratory (EMRL) at Penn is a research facility dedicated to facilitating ultrastructural analysis of biological samples by electron microscopy (EM).

The primary goal of the EMRL is to promote biomedical research by offering high quality EM imaging services at low cost. With a team of experienced professional staff and state-of-the-art imaging equipment, the EMRL offers users a full spectrum of both transmission EM and scanning EM services. These services include: specimen preparation (including fixation, embedding, and sectioning of cells and tissues or preparation of non-cellular materials), operation of equipment, data acquisition, data interpretation, and free instruction on all aspects of EM analysis. We also offer free assistance on the preparation of manuscript and grant applications that incorporate various forms of EM analysis.

The EMRL is a full service, shared resource facility dedicated to all the life sciences research programs on the Penn campus and its affiliated institutions. It is also a major component of the Biomolecular and Cellular Resource Center (Path BioResource) of the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.