Small Animal Imaging

Access to SAIF TRC1 Laboratories

All access to the new SAIF laboratory currently under construction on the first floor of the Translational Research Building will be via ID card swipe. Both Penn ID and Hup ID will be supported. A web page has been created in order to collect the information that is necessary to provide such access to SAIF users.

When you click on Registration Form, you will be prompted with a Pennkey login. After logging in, you will be presented with a page that lists the information in the SAIF database that is associated with your Pennkey. You may change the email address field if desired. You may also provide your Hup ID number (if you have one) so that both your UPenn and Hup ID cards become enabled. Note, access to SAIF animal housing in the lab is independent of that for the lab itself. A radio button is provided to indicate your need for access to the animal holding space.

After providing all of the necessary information and carefully reviewing it, click on the submit button.

Users who complete this process prior to August 31 2012 will have access to the facility on the day that it opens.

Any questions with regard to this process should be directed to S. Pickup